The Way Mother Nature Intended.

Katoa Naturals, “Katoa” is a Utah based biotech, research, development lab, innovating in the area of Raw Natural Extraction, that produe a broad range of resin based blends for topical use. These extraction methods produce an “broad spectrum” oil that utilize the full range of bioactive molecules not found in traditional distillation. Katoa’s oils are complete, the way mother nature intended.



Trees and Plants secrete resins for their protective benefits in response to injury. These protective resins include terpeniods and heavier bioactive molecules that have been sought by natural healers and medical researchers worldwide. “Heavy’s” are bioactive molecules that are not obtained through traditional distillation processes because of their increased molecular weight.

Resin extracts, like Frankincense, can be found in everyday product like food and beverage flavorings, aromas, as well as in popular distilled oils. Some bioactive molecules have been found to be beneficial to man and have been used for medical and health applications for thousands of years.

 We recommend that any users of natural extracts and oils should do their homework. Start here.


Katoa means “complete”, and is the foundation of our extraction and product philosophy, to create a 100% natual extract that has a complete spectrum of bioactive molecules, with qualities and benifits desired by the educated consumer.

Katoa Natuals, Inc. was formed in 2019 in Orem Utah. Katoa sells a line of oil blends with high consetrations of heavy bioactives like Boswellic Acid and Lupeol. Katoa also sells these oil extracts in volumes for provate labeling and inclusion in 3rd party products.

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